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Discussion in 'Bell' started by Robert, Nov 24, 2013.

  1. Robert

    Robert New Member

    I'm thinking of getting the 25/10 Bell internet connection but I would like to make sure that the speed stated is the speed you get, so it would be great to get some feedback regarding Bell internet speed. Speed test results would be even better. Thanks in advance.
  2. Max

    Max New Member

    My previous internet connection was Bell and yes you do get the speed which you pay for. My experience with Bell was good, I didn't really get any problems, and any problems I did get the customer service team were quite helpful. I had to change service provider as I changed location, otherwise I think I still would have had the Bell internet connection.
  3. sunny963

    sunny963 Guest

    Bell internet speed is realllyy great. You will have noo problem with their service but you WILL have some with the bills.....I dont get this company you always have different bills. Im now with BravoTelecom they use Videotron's service, its really great and no billing problems. But for your question, Bell's internet speed : NOTHING TO SAY ! It is great.
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