Cheapest Mobile broadband in Vancouver

Discussion in 'Mobile Internet' started by Frieda, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Frieda

    Frieda New Member

    Im going to be moving to Vancouver in a month and will need a mobile internet connection. I would like to get some information on what all mobile broadband providers are available in Vancouver and which one is the cheapest provider with the most data usage.
  2. Zeff

    Zeff New Member

    You can go for Speakout7elevan, last time I stayed in Vancouver they were offering unlimited internet for $10 a month, although you would have to check if this plan is still available.
  3. Nelly

    Nelly New Member

    Whats your max monthly budget and max data you will be using, as it would be easier to suggest a service provider this way. Sometimes service provider have excellent data plans and are worth the price which they are at.
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