How long does it take to upgrade to a higher speed with TekSavvy?

Discussion in 'TekSavvy' started by Nelly, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. Nelly

    Nelly New Member

    I have a TekSavvy internet connection and wish to upgrade to a higher tariff plan, to be precise I want to upgrade to the unlimited data plan which costs I think $16.99 per month. I would like to know if I get an upgrade done, how long will the process take, I heard some stories that it takes more than 2 weeks, but would like to make sure from users exactly how long it takes to upgrade to a higher speed with TekSavvy.
  2. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Nelly,

    The sooner you pick up the phone and make a request, the sooner it will be processed. TekSavvy recieves your request and then sends it to Rogers from what I understand and then it is upto Rogers to change your connection speed. It really depends on how much backlog there is and if you are lucky it would be done within hours and some times if they have a huge backlog then it may take some time but as I said the sooner you call them the sooner you would get it.

    I welcome you to Canada Broadband Forum. Do let us know how it went and an ongoing review of your TekSavvy internet connection would be great if you could spare the time.
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